• July 1, 1980
  • Center for the Study of Civilizations
  • 216 Pages

A collection of articles by Rudolph Carnap, Arend Heyting, Bertrand Russell, Raymond L. Wilder, Reuben L. Goodstein, Hilary W. Putnam, E.A. Maziarz & Thomas Greenwood, and David Hilbert, translated into Persian by Iranian scholars, edited, with an introduction, notes, and glossary of technical terms by Hossein Ziai. Tehran: Iranian Center for the Study of Civilizations, 1980. Ziai notes in his introduction that the philosophy of mathematics is a branch of philosophy that studies the axioms, foundations, and generally the logical and structural nature of mathematics and asks questions about the source and nature of mathematical truth. He details theories in the philosophy of mathematics from Pythagoras’s “everything is mathematics” through the development of mathematical realism, anti-realism, Platonism, Empiricism, Mathematical Monism, Logicism, Formalism, and Conventionalism in the 20th century.


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