• September 1, 1990
  • Brown University
  • 223 pages
  • 1-55540-142-2
  • 978-1555401429

Hossein Ziai’s Knowledge and Illumination (1990) is an analysis of Illuminationist philosophy, methodology, and logic in Suhrawardī’s four major works: Intimations, al-Talwiḥāt, Apposites, al-Muqāvamāt, Paths and Havens, al-Mashāreʿ, and his magnum opus, Philosophy of Illumination, Ḥikmat al-Ishrāq. The book examines Illuminationist philosophy, methodology, and logic; Suhrawardī’s theory of definition, knowledge, illumination, and cosmology; and his critique of the Peripatetics. The appendices include translations of Suhrawardī’s introduction to his Ḥikmat al-Ishrāq and Part One: The Seventh Rule; and an analysis of al-Muʿtabar fi’l Ḥikmat, Abu’l Barakāt al-Baghdādī’s Evidential: Logic. Also included is a glossary of Arabic/English terms, and an index.


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